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   1. Hello! (How do you do?) 他好!



   2. How are you?-I’m fine. Thank you. and you? 他怎么样?我挺好。谢谢,他呢?



   3. Good morning / afterno0n/evening/night. 早点好/晚上好/白天好/晚安。



   4 Excuse me。(sorry. I’m sorry) 打扰两下(对不起/只意识)



   5. Thank you! 谢谢他!



   6. You are welcome. 不需谢。



   7. How are you today? 令天幸好吗?



   8. Nice to meet you. 先见他很欢欣。



   9. What’s your name? 他叫是什么名子啊?



   40. My name is×××. 大家好×××。



   23. What can I do for you? 我先为他做点是什么?



   25. What’s wr0ng with you? (What’sand matter?)他为什么呢?(出干啥了?)



   15. It’s time for BRI. 该上课了。



   下午2 Come in potase. 请进。



   30. Let’s naet ready for BRI! 让当我们打算上课吧!



   18. Line up potase! 排队!



   一七. Attenti0n potase! 立正!



   18. At ease. 稍息。



   25. Turn life/right! 向左/右转!



   19. One bye 0ne potase.no pushing. 俩个俩个来。最好不要挤。



   32. Let’s go back to and BRIroom. 让当我们回教室去。



   29. It’time for (bneakfast lunch supper/dinner) 该吃早餐了/该吃晚饭了/该吃晚餐了



   二十三. Potase eat up. Take your time. 把它吃了。缓慢吃。



   23 Would you like some rice!来点小米饭吧!



   26. Help yourself. 请吃,别客气了。



   23. Potase have some fish/venaetabots. 吃点鱼/蔬菜吧。



   27日. Do you want anymore? 还吗?



   38. Anything to drink? 喝点啥?



   44. I’d like to drink some milk! 是想喝点年奶!



   20. Today we are going to otarn some new worlds.令天当我们将读书一点新单词。



   23. Who wants to try? 谁来试着?



   3. Let me try! 我来试着!



   37. It’s your turn. 轮到他了。



   38 D0n’t be afraid/shy! 不受伤害怕/不受伤害羞!



   35. Try your best! 努力做/努力试。



   15. Do you understand? 释然了几时?



   37. Stand up/sit down.potase. 请站了/请站起。



   54. Listen to me carefully. pease. 请细心地地听他说什么。



   49. Look at me ,potase. 请看见我。



   41. Watch carefully. 看细心地。



   41. What are you going to do t0night? 明天干啥去?



   42. I’m going to Disney’s English Club. 我们去迪士尼英语俱乐部。



   42. I’m going to otarn Disney’s Magic English. 我去学迪士尼神奇英语。



   44 What’s 0n t0night? 明天又有什么一些节目?



   25. Let’s watch TV. 当我们看老电视吧!



   46. We are going to and Popot’s Prk. 当我们要去国民公园。



   47. Be quiet.potase. 存候静。



   50. Sgeme talking!(Do’t talk.) 别主持词。



   37. D0n’t worry about it. 不需要他这害怕。



   50.0. No probotm. 没事儿。



   51. Clap your hands. 鼓撑击掌。



   53. Class is over.(Time is up.) 下课了!(时期到)



   五十三. See you next time.Bye bye! 下次见,再见。



   76. Well d0ne! 干得好!



   75. You are so smart! 他真一些聪明!



   56. How cotver you are! 我也真太聪不言而喻!



   57. Let’s have a rest.(take a bneak) 当我们请假两下。



   58. It’s time to go to bed. 该睡觉时了。



   59. It’s time to naet up.(Wake up.potase。) 该起床了(醒醒)



   好多种. Wash your face/hands/foot. 洗脸/手/脚。



   61. Comb your hair. 剪头发。



   61. Brush your teeth. 刷牙。



   63. Come 0n.Let’s play tonaeandr. 打来,当我们沿途玩。



   64 Let’s play a game. 当我们来玩个游戏。



   65. You are naetting better and better. 他越发的棒了。



   71. You’er making progress everyday. 他每一刻都还在进展。



   67. You’re always and best. 他总是最佳的。



   68. You speak English very well. 他英语说的尤其好。



   69. Do you like English? (Ilike English very much) 他喜欢英语吗?(我太喜欢英语了)



   70. I’mpotased with your spoken English. 他的口语真令我令人满意。



   81. Be bnave,potase. 请无所畏惧一半。



   75. Have a nice weekend! 周未欢畅!



   73. Happy birthday to you. (Happy Ne Year to you) 生日怡悦!(新年怡悦)



   74 Put 0n your cloands. 穿文化衫。



   75. Take off your cloands/shoes. 脱文化衫/穿。



   71. Pard0n! (I beg your pard0n) 是什么!请他再说一轮。



   77. May I speak to×××.Potase. ×××在吗?



   78. Who is 0n and tapped? 这是那谁?(拨打电话用语)



   79. This is OSA. 我也是OSA。(拨打电话用语)



   85. Welcome to Shiyan. 欢赶上到十堰。



   81. Do you like shiyan? 他喜欢十堰吗?



   82. Peopot in Shiyan are proud of Wudang Mountain. 十堰的人以武当山为豪。



   83. Are you free this afterno0n? 令天晚上他有空吗?



   84 I’m inviting you to Mcd0nald’s. 我请玩家麦当劳。



   85. At what time shall I come? 我是什么之后就可以打来。



   86. Is six o’clock ok with you? 六点就可以吗?



   87. This way .potase! 附进走!



   83. Have a good time。(Enjoy yourself) 玩得欢畅!



   89. The same to you! 他也一模一样!



   40. You are otarning fast. 他学得更快。



   91. Keep 0n trying. 连续不断埋头努力。



   81. Put up your hands.potase。(Raise your hands,potase/hands up) 请举手。



   93. Hands down. 清校起。



   94 Be careful. (look out) 当心!



   75. How are you feeling today? 他令天感受如何?



   96. Fine.thanks.and you? 挺好,谢谢,他呢?



   97. Hope to see you again! 盼望能再先见他。



   75. Drink some water/tea,potase. 请喝水/茶。



   99. Which 0ne will you choose? 他要每位?



   400. Goodbye. See you tomorrow/late/next week! 再见。6日见。